Three clients charged with shoplifting are given absolute discharges

Three clients of criminal lawyer Luc Simard had been charged with shoplifting together (Section 334 Criminal Code of Canada). Mr. Simard undertook negotiations with the Prosecutor. The clients made a donation to a charity organization and pleaded guilty to the charges. Taking into account the donations made as well as each of the women’s permanent resident status, the lawyers suggested the Judge grant them absolute discharges. The Judge acquiesced.

Not all clients of criminal lawyer Luc Simard receive a discharge. See notice.

2 thoughts on “Three clients charged with shoplifting are given absolute discharges”

  1. i have been caught at simons ,today
    police gave me notification to go for finger print and take photo abd end of march to court
    what should i do?
    i have permanent residence and worry about my citizenship state

    1. Hi Angela,

      If you are an adult, you case is probably eligible for the diversion programm. This mean there is a possibility to cancel the charges before the first court date. In the long term, you should not worry for your citizenship as there are many ways you can avoid a criminal records (diversion program or discharge). These solutions apply wether you are guilty or not. You should call us asap for details about your situation. Thanks

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