How to have the police delete your fingerprints

In many cases, clients reach such results that they avoid having a criminal record. For example, this is the case when they are acquitted, when they sign a commitment under Section 810 and have the main charge withdrawn, when they receive a conditional discharge or an absolute discharge during sentencing, or when the charge is dropped by the Prosecutor despite an initial summons to appear before the Judge, as when there is a non-judicial treatment of the offence.

Then how do you have the fingerprint file deleted as well as the identification sheet created by the police following the arrest?

You have to send a written request to the police body at the address where the fingerprints were taken. It is preferrable to accompany this letter with a copy of the document showing the final results of the case (these documents are usually accessible from the Court Clerk). The request may be made by the citizens or their criminal lawyers.

See the model of the letter requesting deletion of the fingerprints.