Mr. Xavier Cormier, a criminal lawer, defends clients charged with shoplifting. Shoplifting is theft as defined by Sections 322 and 334 of the Criminal Code of Canada, and can incur a sentence going as far as imprisonment. It is possible to defend oneself against a shoplifting charge in certain situations.
The evidence adduced in support may be insufficient or the police’s gathering of evidence may be tainted with violations of the Charter. It must also be determined whether or not the defendant had the required criminal intention to be convicted of shoplifting. Some persons convicted of shoplifting may also receive an absolute discharge when the sentence is passed if certain conditions are present.

There are some resources available for persons charged with shoplifting. These programs provides counselling services to women charged with shoplifting, specifically. Shoplifting is one of the most common offences of female criminality.

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Each case of shoplifting is unique and may or may not lend itself to a specific defense depending on the case.