Sexual assault charge successfully challenged

An individual was summoned to appear in the Montreal Courthouse because of a complaint for sexual assault under Section 271 of the Criminal Code. He met with criminal lawyer Veronica Vallelonga to ask her to defend him.

Mrs. Vallelonga represented this person during the appearance, pleaded not guilty and requested a copy of the evidence. Once she analysed the situation, she decided that the best strategy would be to question the charges. As for the plaintiff, she also wished to go to court to have the man convicted.

On the trial date, Mrs. Vallelonga brought to Court some witnesses supporting the man. She undertook discussions with the Prosecutor to support her arguments. Finally, the Prosecutor offered to drop the charges in exchange for the man’s signature of a peace bond (Section 810 of the Criminal Code). Therefore, the individual was acquitted of the sexual assault charges.

Not all Mrs.Vallelonga’s clients benefit from the application of Section 810. See notice.

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