Production, possession of and trafficking narcotics and drugs

Mr. Xavier Cormier, a lawyer, defends individuals charged with production, possession of and trafficking drugs and narcotics.

The terms “drugs” and “narcotics” are synonymous in nature. The offences of producing, possessing and trafficking narcotics are distinct because of their subject-matter and the sentences related to them. Many forbidden substances are mentioned in the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act apart from the most widely known drugs such as marijuana (cannabis) or cocaine. The defense responding to narcotics charges can deal with various elements, for instance: is there evidence that the defendant really intended to traffick the drug or was it meant only for his personal use? Were there sufficient reasons supporting the search warrant? Was it justified for the police to hold and search the suspect? Is there sufficient evidence of the control practised by the defendant on the narcotics to prove he possessed the substances?

Narcotics defenses are very technical. It is highly recommended that an individual charged with a narcotics crime resort to the services of a criminal defense lawyer.

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