Example of a case defended by Mr. Xavier Cormier: possession of narcotics

A client of Xavier Cormier, the criminal defense lawyer, was charged with possession of narcotics,cannabis.The client already had a history of similar issues, for which he had been convicted to pay a fine. Nevertheless, Mr. Xavier Cormier successfully reached an absolute discharge in this case by negotiating with the prosecutor and defending the client’s case in court. The client made a donation to the Bureau d'aide aux victimes d'actes criminels.Each

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Application for a pardon

A pardon makes it possible for persons who have one to have their criminal records kept separate from other legal records. This vastly decreases the public character of the conviction and limits access to the criminal record. This measure can be availed by persons who have been convicted of a criminal offence, have served their sentence and have proven they respect the law. You must wait three years to make

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Criminal defense lawyer | Defense attorney | Montreal

Mr. Xavier Cormier is a criminal defense lawyer / defense attorney practising exclusively criminal law (Montreal, Laval, Longueuil and the surroundings).Exactly what is a criminal defense lawyer?First and foremost, a criminal defense lawyer / defense attorney is a lawyer who is a member of the Bar, like any other lawyer.A criminal defense lawyer / defense attorney is distinct from other lawyers inasmuch as his practice revolves mainly around representation in

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An absolute discharge, the best sentence for a defendant found guilty

An absolute discharge is the best sentence for a person found guilty of having committed a violation of the Criminal Code of Canada. The defendant benefiting from this measure provided under Section 730 of the Criminal Code, is deemed not having been convicted of the violation. The Judge may grant an absolute disharge to a person found guilty of an offence for which the law does not require any minimum

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One example of a case represented by Mr. Cormier: a taxi driver wants to keep his licence

Mr. Xavier Cormier, a criminal defense lawyer, received a request for help from a lawyer colleague who could not manage to find a solution for a taxi driver who was risking losing his driver’s licence three days later.The driver had violated a section of a regulation by charging extra fees to a customer. This violation could have entailed the driver losing his licence for a minimum of three months. Mr.

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Each case is unique. The verdict or the sentence depends on the specifics of the case. The postings in this web site cannot be used as a legal opinion or to assume that a similar case would have an identical outcome. If you get arrested, call a lawyer!Not all clients of the Cormier Simard criminal law firm are acquitted. They are not all discharged. Several clients plead guilty or are

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