A client is acquitted on charges of uttering threats and using a firearm in a careless manner

A client of Mr.Luc Simard was charged with uttering death threats (Section 264.1 Criminal Code of Canada), using a firearm in a careless manner and storing a firearm in a careless manner (Section 86 (1) Criminal Code). The client pleaded not guilty to all these charges.

During the trial, the Prosecutor examined the witnesses that were meant to establish the guilt of Mr. Simard’s client. Then Mr. Simard cross-examined these witnesses in order to point out the weaknesses in the incriminating evidence. Mr. Simard finally had his client testify, followed by another witness who was the alibi of his client.

The trial ended with the Judge acquitting Mr. Simard’s client on all charges.

This is an example of a case won by criminal lawyer Luc Simard. Some of Mr. Simard’s clients are found guilty of the offenses with which they are charged. Read the notice

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