Plea bargaining

Plea bargaining is a common practice in Quebec penal judicial system.

Here is an exemple of plea bargaining:

A client of Xavier Cormier was charged with assault causing bodily harm (Section 267b) Criminal Code of Canada), assault with a weapon (Section 267b) Criminal Code), mischief exceeding $ 5,000 (Section 430(1)a)(3)a) Criminal Code) and possession of a weapon for the purpose of committing an offence (Section 88(2)a) Criminal Code). During the preliminary hearing, Mr. Cormier cross-examined the victims of the offence and pointed out weaknesses in their testimony regarding identification of the client.

Mr. Cormier then negotiated with the prosecutor. She agreed to withdraw all charges except for one. The client pleaded guilty to the charge of mischief under $ 5,000. Mr. Cormier pleaded with the judge so that the client could receive a discharge conditional on carrying out 80 hours of community work, which she agreed to.

The clients of Mr. Cormier, criminal lawyer, are not all acquitted and do not all receive discharges. Read the notice.

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