A client charged with sexual assault and sexual contact gets acquitted.

Lawyer Luc Simard was defending a client charged with sexual assault and sexual contact (Section 151 a) Criminal Code). A minimum sentence of imprisonment would have automatically been imposed on the defendant if he had been found guilty. The procedures in this case, which lasted approximately two years,
included appearance before the Judge, the pro formas, the preliminary inquiry and then the trial. During the trial, two witnesses were heard for the prosecution. As defence lawyer, Mr. Simard brought forward two witnesses also. What was at the core of this case was the credibility of both the defendant and the plaintiff. Both of them were providing contradictory versions of what happened on the evening of the event.
After hearing the witnesses, Mr. Simard as well as the lawyer for the prosecution, the Judge acquitted the client because of the reasonable doubt that remained in his mind.

Not all Mr. Luc Simard’s clients are acquitted. See notice.

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