A client receives a discharge despite his past jail sentence

In the Montreal district, an individual was charged with harassment, under Section 264(1)(3)b) of the Criminal Code, communicating repeatedly by means of telecommunications, under 372(3)(4)b) of the Criminal Code and uttering threats to cause bodily injuries under Section 264.1(1)a)(2)b) of the Criminal Code. Under the influence of alcohol, the defendant had made several consecutive phone calls to another occupant of the housing complex of his lady friend. The conversations, which included terms of harassment, had been registered by the plaintiff and submitted to the police.


Another similar incident had taken place two years prior and a complaint had been laid by the same person. Also,  the defendant had many criminal records, including some in similar cases.  In the past, he had been sentenced around ten times to prison sentences for various periods, going up to 4 years of penitentiary. However, he currently held a contractual position on condition of later obtaining a pardon. Mrs. Catherine Charland from our firm negotiated an agreement with the Prosecutor and the defendant was discharged contingent to carrying out a certain number of hours of community work and completing therapy to deal with his alcohol problem. This way, he avoided a new criminal record.


Not all Madam Charland’s clients obtain a discharge. See notice.


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